Project 1:
Build Your Own 24/7 Lead Factory

Get qualified leads & booked appointments with your perfect future clients.

Your Leads 24/7

YourLeads 24/7 is an Automated, Reliable and Profitable way to Attract and Convert new clients every single month.

Jump from gathering connections to having meaningful conversations. With people who actually want to talk to you.

What does Your Leads 24/7 Do?

Your Lead Factory efficiently sorts and sifts your connections, generating qualified leads and adding appointments directly to your diary.

Stop chasing leads. Your target market is now coming to you.

Lead Flow

From Random to Reliable


From Questionable to Qualified


From Manual to Automated

New Business

From Patchy to Predictable


From Possible to Profitable

The Real Outcome

More Leads = More Appointments = More Revenue = More Time for You = More Life Choices

Why is this a PROJECT and not a program?

A training program is all about learning knowledge and skills. A project has a specific goal, clear Metrics and results in a pre-determined outcome.

– Iven Frangi

Your 2 Success Metrics


A Flow of Qualified Leads


Quality Appointments Booked

Your 4 Milestones



Let your Lead Factory handle the tedious, time-consuming, and labour intensive lead generation tasks.



Instead of chasing leads, have your Perfect Future Customers come to you.


Reliable Leads & Appointments

Enjoy a steady flow of self-qualified leads and quality appointments delivered to your inbox.


Future Stability

Build an ongoing database of qualified leads. You never run short of potential new clients.

Introducing Your Lead Generation Factory 24/7

Step 1 - Target Your Perfect Future Customers

Our team will help you get clear about targeting your Perfect Future Customers (PFCs).

Step 2 - Create Your Video Sales Letter

We’ll help you build your attention generating Video Sales Letter (VSL) to connect directly with your PFC’s.

Step 3 - Automate Your Marketing

We’ll build the system and flow for your follow up campaign to get all the sales possible from your list of qualified leads.

Step 4 - Do What You Do Best

Crush Your Conversion and Delivery. You didn’t start your business to become a marketer. Your Lead Factory does the hard yards.

Step 5 - Extra Campaigns?

We’ll construct low-cost organic campaign systems on LinkedIn, Google, or Facebook, and if needed, set up paid campaigns.

Step 6 - Your Personalised Dashboard

Stay on top of your leads, prospects and sales with your personalised Dashboard.

Step 7 - More Sales = More Time and More Choices

We work closely with you to manage your qualified leads and convert the sales from your Lead Factory.

A word of caution

Our services are not suitable for everyone, and not everyone may be a fit for us.

At YourLeads24/7, we specialise in partnering with business owners, coaches, consultants, and service professionals – experts who offer a professional service. That’s our sweet spot, and it’s where our expertise truly shines.

Who this Leads Factory is NOT for…

Those who enjoy tinkering with lead funnels & landing pages.

Individuals who have already reached their desired monthly income level.

Businesses with services or packages selling for less than around $10k.

Who this Leads Factory IS for…

Entrepreneurs who didn’t set up their business to become marketers.

Those solely focused on selling their expertise and delivering exceptional service.

Individuals tired of the time-consuming process of filtering names and finding prospects.

Those seeking to accelerate and stabilise their income growth.

The Big Con$ideration

We both need to be 100% confident that your investment will be trounced by your New Business Income.

During our chat, we’ll mutually decide if we’re not the right fit for each other. If not we’ll be honest and open and answer all your questions. If we are not a fit we’ll refer you to an expert who can genuinely assist you. We have connections with all sorts of experts.

Next Step?

Watch 'Build Your Own 24/7 Lead Factory'


The best way of generating leads?

For creating warm, high-quality leads, it’s best to engage with your Perfect Future Clients (PFCs) by building trust and confidence in what you do and how you do it. Adding a Video Sales Letter does that quickly and most importantly, automatically. You can watch our Free Training to see more detail on how it works.

What if the results are not as fast as I expect?

If your Factory underperforms, it’s straightforward to pinpoint and resolve the issue. We look at each step and identify areas that need refinement.

High response but few leads?

The message isn’t resonating with your audience. A flow of leads but few appointments? Your video or email content might need enhancement. Appointments but no clients? We need to refine your sales approach.

Like a pilot responding to current condition during a flight, we identify what’s effective and what requires adjustment. You are never alone. Our team is always available to help. Results are the only measure we count.

The difference between Leads & Appointments?

Both are interested, but appointments are more motivated. Leads show interest by opening messages and asking for videos, while appointments book a time to talk.

When will I start to see sales?

After a typical 30-day setup period, sales will depend on your sales cycle, typically ranging from a few days to a few weeks, with most conversions conforming to your usual sales cycle length.

What kind of support do I get?
You’ll receive unlimited ongoing phone or email support with continuous monitoring and improvement using the dashboard.
How is YourLeads 24/7 different?

The focus on delivering Market Qualified Leads and Appointments, building a Pathway to Purchase, not on creating a volume of leads that are low or no quality.

Adding a Video Sales Letter, and not pushing too early for a sales call (which is usually actively resisted), the level of engagement and response from your PFC’s increases between 80-300%. A substantial rise in potential interest.

This strategy has proven results. Self qualified leads, and appointments booked with people who really want to talk to you. That means higher conversion ratios.